Uzbekistan E-Visa (Talex)

Uzbekistan eVisa Information

The Uzbekistan eVisa or electronic visa system was introduced on July 15, 2018.

This digital system allows foreign nationals from eligible countries to obtain an Uzbekistan visa online by completing an application form.

Uzbekistan eVisas can be used for purposes of visit such as tourism, leisure, and business.

Travelers can select either a single-entry or multiple-entry e-Visa for Uzbekistan.

The holder is permitted to enter the country and remain there for up to 30 days at a time. In the case of multiple-entry visas, the holder may re-enter the country at a later time for a further 30 days.

An Uzbekistan eVisa is valid for a total of 90 days starting from the date that it is granted. The holder can visit the country at any time within that period.

The Uzbekistan visa online application involves filling in basic personal details, passport information, and a contact email address.

Uzbekistan eVisa Requirements

In order to successfully apply for and obtain an Uzbekistan eVisa, foreign nationals must meet certain requirements.

Firstly, applicants are required to be citizens of an eligible country, as described in the Uzbekistan visa policy.

When completing the Uzbekistan eVisa application form, international travelers must provide the following items:

  • Valid passport issued by an eligible country
  • Digital copy of the passport data page
  • Digital copy of a passport-sized photograph
  • Active email address to receive the approved eVisa
  • Method of payment (credit or debit card)

Travelers are advised to apply for an Uzbekistan eVisa a minimum of 3 days before they intend to travel to the country.

The approved eVisa for Uzbekistan is sent to the email address provided in the application. The traveler should print it and present it at border control when arriving in the country.

The passport used to complete the application must be presented when entering Uzbekistan.

If this passport is lost, stolen, damaged, or made invalid in any other way, the individual must apply for a new Uzbekistan eVisa with their new passport